Starbucks Discrimination
(Directed at Kevin Perelman)
Starbucks Utilizing their immense resources to help remove me from society. Saying they don't want my kind there. Whatever that means, and are involved in a mass stalking campaign destroying every aspect of my life worldwide and continually working on me at every one of their locations

Also, for the bigger picture

Coffeebean Corporation is also heavily involved but obviously they don't have as much resources to use on me working with all coffeeshops world wide and everywhere else. All interconnected with Internet Based terror tools. having groups follow me and try to attack me into reactions to say I can't go to any of them if they can get a reaction. They don't even have a reason other then hearing one Starbucks employee say they don't want my kind there. Whatever that means.

To give you an idea of what is being done to me at every location in the world with full Starbucks Corporate behind it here is a 2 hour video on Thanksgiving showing What is being done to me at each and every location worldwide
Starbucks - Tarzana - 18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356

This is a 2 hour video showing with me explaining the all day and night 24/7 terror operations Starbucks corporation is involved in ending my life and trying to keep me quiet about what they are involved in that I noticed was going on 17 years ago. This is on Thanksgiving to show you that almost all stores are closed, and the level of their obsession, hate, rage to end my life deviating from time with families and enjoying themselves. It also shows that, on a normal day, things are extremely worse for me. This is a simple 2 hours. Imagine watching this all day and night 24/7 with world wide support for 17 years of knowing, and 35 years all togethor not realizing they were doing these types of things to me to rid me of the world. While this happens at every Starbucks in the world, met with all sorts of Death Threats by people working with Starbucks employees and with Corporate when calling them This happens at every location in the world. And even them working with my neighbors where I live to do this to me as well. It never ends, and they never stop, showing their true motive to remove me from society. While these operations start earlier then 9 years old for me. Starbucks is heavily involved with my personal life, working with people like Paul Humphrey sent after me around 14 years old

Some black girl named Felicia following me to Topanga/Ventura Starbucks and Encino Ventura/Havenhurst Starbucks telling me that in order to stop what is going on is to sue and that she is a secratery at a law firm with changing stories. While she is right as far as the people responsible for destroying my life and holding them accountable for damages. She seemed to be playing both sides of the fense with the Police and Lawyers in respect to them trying to put me in a bad light, as well as locking me into positions with the police and lawyers to charge huge flat rates instead of hourly, and keep arresting me to fraudulantly steal my money with a large group of lawyers, and turning things around on me, trying to make it look like I am crazy and a sue happy nuisence. All planned out with these mass groups.

Paid Security Companies working with Starbucks to Blackmail, Thug, Mentally batter me quiet about these endless 35 years of crimes against me telling me that I am not allowed to say anything about anything or tell anyone what they have been told is lies. Also telling me that even the sign on my car is a crime to my website explaining the situation from a truthful, out in the open context, with what is really happening, and open for any type of honest discussion showing their true colors. Also, these security companies have been working with other security companies my entire life following me from state to state, college to college after  my brother when he was 16, working with them to get them to chase him, then pinning it on me. Which they were all in on, including my brother and his friends with clear intent to try to figure out ways to remove me from society. Which he himself told me when I was 14, that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental instition.

ADT Security -
Boyd & Assocaites -
Allied Universal -
Golden West Security -
Security Specialists -

I am sure a lot of others paid to hunt me since a child

Paul Naranjo at Topanga and Ventura Starbucks assaulted me. Something like 5 - 7 punches to the head. And the first one in the back of the head. Also Starbucks trying to blackmail me into signing false confessions which he was trying to coverup by thugging me quiet. This was because and still do have  100 - 1000's of people per day coming in attacking me with passive aggressiev terror tactics at every location in the world. Then folow me to other Coffee Locations like Coffeebean, Pete's, you name it. All connected on the internet on terror systems to try to mentally batter me quiet with mass groups and they don't want me talking about that,  and the things leading up to these situations growing up. Especially with someone sent after me growing up I thought was a friend, working Starbucks Security for a while, as well as joining the LAPD police academy, who was actually sent after me at around 14 years old, and the younger brother of Joe Humphrey, someone in my brothers grade he was using to try to remove me from society working with Mike Huntley.

This site will talk about what Starbucks did to my life. Their involvement in destroying my name, reputation with every slanderous lies and defamtion known to man, and investing mass time, energy, money into worldwide smear operations to stop me from having friends, relationships, making money, even having conversations with anyone world wide without severe harassment. They have spent over 16 years working on me with these endless, lies, slander, defamation, as well as mass worldwide mobbing groups which appear to be from corporate Starbucks funding.

With me endlessly calling the corporation and letting them know what is going on, directed at me to watch them try to thug me quiet instead of stopping it, by having people follow me from place to place trying to intimidate me. They refuse to stop! and need to be held accountable, for the 16 years of all day and night torture they are involved in riling up the masses against me world wide for simply sitting down, trying to get work done, be social, or the things that coffee shops are meant for. With 100's to 1000's of people coming in per day with terror operations. And this happens at any Starbucks in the world. Showing their true motive for what is known as

Criminal Defamation (The act of spreading lies about someone to rile the masses against someone criminally with intent to hurt harm and mame, or even kill them)

Starbucks has had people follow me home, and from place to place trying to thug, scare and intimidate me quiet for over 16 years. They are also working with the employees at my fathers office such as Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Shanna Briantseva, Elsie Sandoval, Estela, Val, Brandon, Fernanda Sime, Gwen Sauzo, Patty Goodin. In something much bigger starting at the age of 9 years old. Regardless, they are are involed and have committed mass crimes against me from criminal to civil on all levels. These groups are basically world wide terror network cells across the internet working on me all day and night with Starbucks, and Starbucks Corporate, knowing,. not doing anything to stop their employees and even working with people and the black community with death threats to try to keep me immobilized while trying to torture me to death to remove me from society.

From saying things non directly that they don't want my kind there, with hinds I am A sexual, or an IT, and things like this  after stopping me from having friends or relationships, which they need to cover up showing world wide damages. That is not close to the tip of the iceberg on the mental illness, and mobbing tactics they are involved in working on me all day and night for these 16 years. Never ending.

Starbucks has not only Discirminated against me, and tried to mentally batter me qiuet and end my life. But their claims are not even true, showing that it is all a coverup, for their endless world wide lies against me. While no one is coming forward, I have endless proof of their ACTIONS in destroying my name, reputation, and life. With endless setup attempts annd frame jobs to try to make their Lies look true.

For the details on everything that is going on which Starbucks corporation is heavily involved in, in regards to world wide terror, mental illness, lies, slander, defamaiton, and mental illness Gas Lighting tactics. You can go to.

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000's

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used
The next day at 5:00 pm to see how thigns changed from mass groups doing the same things to more subtle terror tactics in hope for some insignificant reaction that can be used to give to the world saying I am
angry, violent, a nuisence, to show how these operations work. Normally, even if some said something rude to someone, it would not be disseminated world wide to use against them, Showing it's about information used to remove someone from society on these propaganda/terror operations
The Same Night at 8:20 pm. Shows how things ramp down from more obvious groups to more subtle and subliminal level terror behaviors to try to get get some kind of violant reaction based on what appears to be nothing going on. So they can make their lies look justified that I am crazy, need to be watched, and these things done to me. As you will notice, This time, groups of cars with dealer plate covers. Mostly "Keyes" and the Fire Department working on me This is across 2 days, you will notice, tons of coordinated events in 2's. Their these are the more subtle tactics which lead into large group mobbings as it kind of cycles back and forth. They start with the subtle terror tactics in hopes that they can get a reaction. But if they can't get a reaction, the will fabricate some kind of behavior they don't like.
In this video you will see a black couple waiting for me in a black jeep when I come out to take a walk by all the other jeeps parked to send me hidden messages for years in the same spot with a conversation.

Not only showing that I am not a violent dangerous person like they are telling the world in any attempt known to man to rid me of the world. But I am a normal decent person who is observing a mass crime against me.

And full LAPD, and Government involvement to try to torture me quiet. Also, an hour later, another person in the Metro Complex parks a Grey Jeep there. Then people all come out, maybe about 30 of them walking dogs.

Then the red/black clothing from hollywood and santa monica the nights before directed at me which I took over 120, in the few I saw within a couple of hours.

Also done to me at My Brothers BBQ in 2013 working with Sean Dinse, and Jensen, and Detective Angela Stewart to try to figout ways to remove me from society because I found out their endless crimes against me growing up.

Also, you will notice like 90% of my walks, the local fire truck comes out from down the street. As well as people all coming out with Adidas striped clothing, starting this week. An older tactic of theirs. Other things are 2 cars waiting for me with lights on next to each other. And a girl coming out of my complex in red/black. Showing they are the violant obsessed pscyhotics who won't leave me alone, and have been hunting me for 35 years now for some reason. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with me

Also notice after out conversation he says "Got it" Which is a common tactic of trying to force me into false confesstions then trying to intimidate me and scare me quiet..

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics  -

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me  -

Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar  -



Some of the more aggressive locations telling black communities that I am a racist because they found out that around 12 years old I kissed a black girl. With endless years of attacks by the black community.

From being followed from place to place, Egg Mobbed, Threated endlessly, Waiting in carsa nd following me in cars trying to intimidate me. Hitting me, trying to run me off the road, Covert psychological warfare and terror operations, endless setup attempts and frame jobs, Computer hacking and using the information for mental illness tactics as well as destorying my life and stopping me from starting usinesses and making money. all because I found out that Starbucks had a problem with me kissing a black girl. Which links into something much bigger. Then contacting non Starbucks Coffee shops and other plaves world wide to try to mentally batter me and remove me from society for knowing about it.


I have had 4 seperate Starbucks Locations send black people after me after leaving Starbucks locations. And even being threatened by black corporte employees calling in corporate to tell them what is going on. There have been endless threats, attacks, and attempts on my life all day and night with them for over 16 years upon finding out what is going on at 29 which they are heavily involvd in with  the Entertainment Industry. People like Brian Longotham, NSA, Family and Police since deciding to end my life or remove me from society around 9 years old. And Starbucks in investing Huge resoources on these operations working with  someone I grew up named Paul Humphry.



Ventura & Hayvenhurst -  While taking a break from working on some things in Starbucks and going next door to CVS Pharmacy, A black man is waiting way back away from the line. I go up to the counter, he then comes up and says I cut in front of him in line. I tell him he is way back there no where near the line, but if he really wants to be in front of me he can. He starts going ballistic on me as if I did something wrong even though I showed him he could still have what he wants showing it wasn't about that. When he saw that I was not afraid of him, he hit me, but softly in the face. And then I called the police and he left. But upon making the call to the police, they already knew what was going on, and came out.


Ventura & Hayvenhurst - Had Black people follow me to the Woodland Hills AMC movie Theater, Mouthing off, then getting in my face, after provoking me to try to scare me quiet. After a Persian At Starbucks asked me where I was going while leaving and working with the employees. I also believe I was on the phone with Starbucks Corporate person making a complaint about what the mployees were doing to me, who was black the day before and she said on the phone "Do I feel my life is in danger" I said no, I am just reporting what is going on which is unnacceptable. Showing that they are trying to coverup their involvement on the bigger picture of what they are involved in. And the connection between this persons thugging and them.


Victory & Canoga - had black groups come in for about a year doing whatever they could to me. Then eventually followed me on my bicycle home and started egging me. Which I believe is because is Tom Farley's egg mobings to Eric Johnson when I was 14 and pinned it on me which no one normally would care about something so insignificant 30 years later


 Ventura Vineland   - 8/15/2017 - had a black person follow me to 7-11 and asked me if I was the guy. Which I am known world wide as said, yes, he already knows that. And he tried to tell me to forget, and accept what was going on. And when I said, that wasn't going to happen. He threatened my life Saying things are going to get a lot worse for me. Also working with one of the employees. Who came out with a person the next day. Ripped off my Discriminaton sign. And then the employee telling me "I do not like you site" which shows she is iding and abetting a mass crime and murder campaign and it is about me speaking out to defend myself and stop it.


Canoga & Oxnard  - 9/23/2017 - connectd with Ventura & Yolanda - Go to Ventura and Yolanda, Tarzana location day before. Employee harassement. When I give someone a card starting what the truth is. Mass goups in the 100's to 1000's show in from the neighborhood with clothing patterns and verbal terror messages from taking things off my social accounts and mimicking them and things like this over and over. And mass groups showing up wearing the same things. Groups of Solid black pants, and solid blue shirts, Groups of Black pants, Green shirts, Groups of women with baby;s from the neighborhood came in right after making a twitter comment about babies, abotu 10 at once in a couple of minutes, then back to normal. and things like this finally just before I leave, groups of black people show up at the same time in black and white camoflaauge pants. The next morning on the way to the post office I stop off at  Canoga & Oxnard Starbucks to get a coffee on the way, they have 2 identicl black jeep cherokees with no plates as well as other things with cars directed at me, hinting about Kelly Hatch sent after me with the police to follow me up to Southern Oregon State College who drove a white Jeep Cherokee. When I pass out a couple of cards on a car, a Big black person I have seen before comes out and tries to intimidate me. "Don't put a card on my car" I say, "Which is your car" he says "it does not matter" So I then tell him I cannot help him if he cannot tell me which car is his. I then proceed to the Post Office and pick up a package. Walking back to my car, a black person is parked next to me in a Grey BMW, with Oregon plates, hinting about Southern Oregon State College. Also wearing black and white camoflauge pants, and when I passed out a card he went ballistic, got in my face trying to intimidate me and scare me. Thus me calling the police and giving them the plate and having them come out while he fled the scene.


Rinaldi & Corbin - 9/26/20`7 - Black nab walks by me out the door and does the usual whistle hinting I am a whistle blower threat. 15 minutes several groups come in with matching clothing colors and black people trying to intimidate me. Multiple people following me wearing black and white striped shirts like at a different starbucks last night, and a tarzana location earlier today, as well as the green and black, and all black tactics. One man who wasn't doing anything hinting but told the employee he was from woodland hills, where I live.


The Old Road & Stevenson Ranch Pkwy - 9/28/2017 - cops show up and at the same time black person all black clothing sits next to me putting one foot on a chair which is one of their tactics to try to provoke me into situation. gets angry at me handing him a card because it talks about my life saying nothing that the world has been told is true. Him hoping to set me up. The usual he doesn't want to talk about specifics. eating a subway. trying to tell me things like if I am white I have no excuse. Or I just want attention to divert his and their real issues. and more of a thugging behavior back to their passive aggressive intimidation behaviors. Also, police are waiting for me at the freeway, trying to intimidate me. As well as person parked in a Grey Civic backwards watching me. When I get in my car, he turns on his lights and leaves. Female employee wearing Black Pants and Grey Shirt, one of their tactics, has her friend come and sit outside provoking me as well. Eventually she comes out telling me I am not allowed in the store. Of course making up an excuse that I am harassing people to cover up the fact that they have mass groups attacking me with passive aggressive harassments and terror tactics.


Cochran and Galena - 10/2/2017 - Man gives a less aggressive speech then some of the people previously, about me forgetting and moving on. Like usual. Once I tell him that forgetting about what has been done is not an option. People start coming in with the thugging terror tactics and the Starbucks Employees start getting more aggressive. One starts whisting as their Whistle Blower message to threaten my life, letting me know that they are going to make me mentally ill and try to end my life. Then people start coming in, green/black red/black grey/black  hoods over their heads inside. The man follows me in the bathroom to try to intimidate me who I spoke too previously working with the Starbucks Employees.


Pasadena - Lake and California - 10/3/2017 - 10 mins after buying coffee and sitting outside, groups of people start walking by on a untrafficy sidewalk area with clothing color patterns. First groups Solid Green/Black, Grey/Black, 2 people togethor wearing purple/blac identical dressed. Employee says "Enjoy" which every restuarant world wide is told to say to me endlessly. People xoming out in all blsck and the same time in groups, and then people coming out walking dogs at the same time. Then people coming out all wearing clothing similar to addida stripes all at the same time. Like usual, not random people walking around. Also, during this, once again, an 18 yr old came up to me telling me I had better not say anything about what is being done to my life. When I tell him that is not going to happen. He pretends he is talking on his phone saying things like I didnt do what he said. While nothing was in his hand trying to intimidate me. Once again showng they are trying to endlessly provoke me into reactions to set me up for things like me threatening them.


Telephone & Portola, Ventura - 10/6/2017 -




Ventura/Oxnard Location and it appears he is pretending to
smile like it is a friendly pic, afterwards he takes out his cell phone
trying to scare me videoing
Arriving a few mintutes before closing, knowing when they were going to close
and taking pictures of my car, and trying to thug me quiet. I highly doubt he even works
for this property.
Woodland Hills location, not sure if same person






Telegraph and Day, Ventura  - 10/6/2017


Ventura Vineland - 10/15/2017

ADT security see's me in Van Nuys Follows me to Starucks, then tries threatening,
 terrorizwing me, telling me where I can and can't go and trying to thug, blackmail
me quiet about their endless 35 year crimes against me that they are involved in and most
likely being paid.
After he follows me and I don't listen to his threats of trying to keep me quiet,
especially what Starbucks is doing to my life working with Paul Humphry, he
moves his car off the property so no one can match the plates with  him down in
Van Nuys following me
Him keep coming up to the window, because he thinks that  yelling at me from the outside
is somehow going to stop me from talking about what Starbucks is invovled in doing to my life
the very first moment of walking in one at 29 years old while they worked with Paul Humphry to try to
figure out ways to make me look crazy  especially ater me finding out that I was being hunted from person to person since 9 years old
and their involvement to remove me from society with their world wide propaganda/terror systems



Burbank - 2nd & Central - 11/2/2017

- only their for about 15 minutes

- Cars parked backwards

- When person see's me puts a foot on a chair 


Temecula - 11/5/2017

- Starbucks Employee keeps saying PERFECT one of their tactics and Excellent copying my twitter posts, and mimicking me from San Fernando Valley "Hey Hey Hey"

- People start coming in clothing patterns

- People waiting in trucks parked backwards

- Red black pants and solid red shirts coming in

- Person see's me put foot on a chair just like several days prior in Burbank


Sandiego- 11/5/2017

- Cars parked backwards, mostly Pickups

- Several people come in wearing all black at the same time

- a few with the solid black and white

- Some of the Sold Grey and Black clothing

- Red black pants and solid red shirts coming in

- Police car parked out front no one in it





Even threats from black people world wide on twitter working with Starbucks with subtweets saying "No relaxing for you Nigger" of course not deirectly to me, but directed at me showing their motive and intent


All these events connected and with world wide support, using internet based terror and propaganda systems as you can see  from the endless photos on in a lot of the blogs showing this is really happening and I have undeniable proof. Sometimes in mass groups, sometimes with 2 people, or cars in 2's,  at a time over and over endlessly. Varying from all sorts of psychological terror tactics they a have put togethor over the years to do to me. But always ends in, people following me threatening my life saying I better not tell anyone and things like this, the more I talk about it. And Starbucks is heavily involved. Especially with collecting my conversations off the internet and mimicking back to me over and over and things like this with Starbucks employees as you can see the anger and rage in their faces when they do it about something they seem mad about that starts between 5 - 9 yrs old.


This is jsut a few incidents with the black community, but not talking about the all day and night mass attacks. Or when I go into any location in the world. 100's of people, sometimes a lot more depending on how long I am there show up with every terror/torture psychological operations to end my life addressed at





All locations world wide are involved but here are some of the more aggressive locations working on me and after years of Corporate with them refusing to acknowledge or deal with the issue. On some occasions corporate even came down trying to intimidate me at an Encino Location. Showing they have no concern about Their employees Discriminating and support it.


Topanga Cyn & Ventura  

5422 Topanga Canyon BlvdWoodland Hills, CA 91367


Canoga & Oxnard

5960 N. Canoga Ave #1 Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Victory & Canoga

21504 Victory Blvd.Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Fallbrook & Victory 2

2815 Victory Blvd.#A West Hills, CA 91307


Topanga Canyon & Dumetz

4900 Topanga Canyon BlvdWoodland Hills, CA 91364


Ventura & Yolanda

18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356


Ventura & Hayvenhurst

 16461A Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91436 


PCH & Cross Creek

3900 Cross Creek Road Malibu, CA 90265 


PCH & Trancas Canyon Rd

. 30765 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265


Ventura Vineland

10965 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604


Moorpark & Hillcrest

33 N. Moorpark Road Suite 'E' Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


Santa Monica & Bundy

12100 Santa Monica Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90025


Ventura & Alcove

12824 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604


Reseda & Nordhoff

9020 N. Reseda Unit A Northridge, CA 91324


N Beverly & S. Santa Monica Blvd

428 North Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210   


Wilshire & Santa Monica

9811 S. Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Hermosa & 13th, Hermosa Beach

1303 Hermosa Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


PCH & Aviation

1100 Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach, CA 9025


Topanga Canyon & Lassen

9935 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Chatsworth, CA 91311


Shirley & Plummer

19500 Plummer St. Northridge, CA 91324


Sepulveda & Nordhoff

9002 Sepulveda Blvd.

North Hills, CA 91343


Tampa & Victory

19313 Victory Boulevard 1 Reseda, CA 91335


Rinaldi & Corbin

19759 Rinaldi St Northridge, CA 91326


The Old Road & Stevenson Ranch Pkwy

25900 The Old Road Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381


Cochran and Galena

2991 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA 93065



575 South Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101


Telephone & Portola, Ventura

4960 Telephone Rd


Ventura, CA 93003


Telegraph and Day, Ventura

5101 Telegraph Road Ventura, CA 93001


Burbank - 2nd & Central

138 S. Central Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012



1206 28th St, San Diego, CA 92102



41195 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA 92591


Newport Beach

3465 Via Lido, Newport Beach, Ca 92663


Newport Beach

27072 La Paz Rd, Ste F, Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656



895 Tamarack Ave, Carlsbad, Ca 92008



2924 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, Ca 92008



789 W Harbor Dr. The Headquarters At Seaport District, Sandiego, Ca 92101


Mulholland & Calabasas

 23335 Mulholland DriveWoodland Hills, CA 91364



6128 telegraph rd, ste B, ventura ca 93003 



1413 S victoria ave, Ste E, ventura ca





Several in Washington DC with a group calld to prove what they are involved in is world wide extermination campaign and Corporate is working with all location to wipe me off the planet for finding out what they are telling people world wide to Defame me, and rile the masses to kill me with endless Gang Stalking and Mental Battering all day and night 24/7 now witnessed for 16 years after finding out as it has been going on a lot longer.





My World Wide Targeting info